After 6 months of seeing Sergiu’s team building my dream house, the job is finally finished.

When standing in front of the new house, I can only say that I am so happy with it!

Sergiu is a great guy and has a good team of people around him, and they work very efficiently. Every week Sergiu meets me to inspect the progress and he did not miss any meetings.

The price he put in for bid was among the lowest. Later on, I changed my mind in terms of the design layout and consequently, the price went up by a bit, but I still think it’s worth it.

I recommend all people interested in Sergiu’s service to take a look at my house on his website.

Sergiu also knows some good specialist subcontractors, windows, floors, electricity. All good people.

Irina the project manager is very patient, always responds on the same day.

There are many more people who at some stage worked in my house, they all hard-working people.

Sergiu also agrees to provide 2 years warranty against any problems requiring snagging, such as cracks, paints, etc, which will happen to any buildings, believe me as I am an architect working in the industry for more than 10 years. So 6 months down the line I will have the peace in mind that someone will come to do the works for me.

I am happy to provide a reference to anyone if required.

Big thank you to everyone in Sergiu’s team.

B. Li