Residential renovation

Do you want to add a second story to your home, remade your kitchen, partition a new room, or looking to demolish only half the house and rebuild it in your own style? Sure! We can handle these renovations for you.
Whether it is bathroom remodeling project or the complete dismantling and recovery of building the construction process is practically the same. Teams with the necessary expertise carry out their work in a similar way – beginning with primary removal and moving all the way up to the final fixes. The only things that matters are the manpower and the types and quantities of materials used.
Commercial renovation
Construction work on commercial structure has the same build process, with only difference arising from various demands and inducements from the building owner and the local authority which executes the building code.
PAL LEE group has years of experience managing challenges that may arise during the renovation process. All the factors which may potentially lead to disruption of your work will be covered by our team to make repairs as comfortable and inconspicuous as possible.